Friday, September 8, 2017

Before & After Caldwell's Bedroom....

Before we moved in we finished Caldwell's bedroom.  I was so nervous about him transitioning to a new place.  Which is sort of funny now, but whatever. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't the best on this one. 
 This is the nursery before Mason arrived and needed the crib.  We keep all the upstairs toys in here because our living room is sort of small and it works out great for us.  
 I am in the process right now of making him a head board.  It's one made of fabric, so I think I'm going to do it red, but I'm not sure yet.  Once I figure out what color to do that than we can get a dust ruffle.  
 What you can't see well in these photo's and on the door is the way the dogs clawed at the walls and made them all gross.  

This picture doesn't have a before, but I love this dresser so much.  Not because it's particularly cute, but it's like the best kids dresser on planet earth.  Nice big deep drawers and the perfect height.  We got it on KSL.  You can check out the before & after here.  

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Good Place with Kristen Bell....

I just finished watching The Good Place on Netflix.  I will preface this with, you have to get past the first couple episodes to get into it, but I wanted to try because I think Kristen Bell is a very interesting person.

I found through watching it that I was surprisingly shocked at how much I kept thinking about heaven and hell.  My sister Nancy is sort of obsessed with books where people have died and then come back to life, and so she lets me borrow the good one's or tells me about interesting facts.  What I've come to the conclusion is that in order to grow, just like the scripture says, there has to be opposition in all things.  I believe strongly that after this life we will want to grow, so there will be opposition.  In fact, God himself is facing opposition he has just perfected himself so that he always chooses right.  That means that heaven can't all be unicorns and rainbows on a cloud, like we imagine it.

That being said, the season finale of this show threw me for a loop.  Perhaps my heaven is another person's hell?  Now I can't wait for next season.  On a side note, if you haven't watched Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime, and you experienced adolescence anytime between 1998-2006 than you're missing out on life completely.    

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Caldwell's 1st Day.....

Caldwell had his first day of Pre-K today.  Last week we went to his open house and met his teacher.  At the open house Caldwell was his usual rule following self, doing everything exactly as the teacher had said.  At the end she gave them a sucker and asked them to throw the wrapper in the trash.  I had crumbled it up and stuck it in my purse.  We spent a few minutes trying to find it so we could follow instructions and get that wrapper in the trash. Please bless his obedience follows into High School.  

His backpack is teacher issued and boy was he upset when I took the papers out that were provided at the open house.  He had me go through each one and read to him what they said so he could be sure he knew what was going on.  

I got a bit teary as we drove off.  He was quick to run in and get started, hardly looking back to wave.  As we drove home we passed the small apartment Chris and I moved into when Caldwell was about 5 months old.  I remember nursing him on the floor of that apartment while Chris brought in boxes.  Then I'd lay him in the bouncy chair so we could get some of our furniture in.  It all feels like yesterday with this boy.  I know everyone says this, but time goes too quick and here we are at his first day of school EVER.    

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I know what my dream job would be...

I've been thinking a lot about what I want my next career to be.  The reality is staying home with the kids forever probably isn't an option unless we move out of state.  The older my kids get the more I want them to be surrounded with family.  I'm hoping that things will keep working for us financially that I could be home long enough to have one more baby and not have to worry about maternity leave. I've thought about going to re-new my teaching license so once my kids are all in school it would be nice to have the same schedule.  I've thought of numerous business I want to start, and a few different jobs back in Finance that I'd consider.  There's that book I'm almost finished with, and the 500 other books in my head I want to write.  I'd still love to be an Academic Adviser at University to, but my real dream job is Philanthropist.

My dream life would include waking up everyday whenever I wanted, playing with my kids and then going to an office very close by - no commute.  At which point I would sit in front of the computer for a few hours, perhaps have a few meetings and in that time do really good things.  I'd even be willing to sit on the Gofund Me page and just read the inspiring stories and give people gobs of money to make their dreams come true.  Then I'd go home and play with the kids some more, go out for a walk, work on some type of house project or craft and then hang out with Chris all night.  It would be amazing.

I do most of that now, except the part where I give gobs of money away and I get to escape from my kids for a few hours.  Everyone's got a dream though.  What would your dream job be?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Brene Brown & Numbing Creativity....

I am enamored with Brene Brown's work, just like everyone else in the world.  The following is her Ted Talk if you haven't watched it. I love that it has over 6.5 million views.  Since I heard about Brene, I've also listened to most of her books on Audible. 
I am not sure which book or podcast I heard her talk about numbing creativity.  She's been on Tim Ferri's Podcast as well as more recently on Jen Hatmakers Podcast - If you aren't familiar with Jen here is a link.  Regardless, as a Brene groupie this concept of numbing creativity has been so powerful for me as I've transitioned from corporate stock broker to stay at home mom.  The last two years working, I stopped being creative.  I think partially because I felt that mom guilt that is so prevalent, but also when you stop being creative it's harder to get back.  (Which also makes me worried about our education system, but that's something for another day.) I love to write, I love to take pictures, I love to hike and my last two years working I did almost none of the above.  The less I did, the unhappier I became.  

I've watched over the last eight months as my creativity that I pushed deeper and deeper inside me rise back to the surface.  As I stood in the shower this past week or taken a walk around the cemetery my mind was plagued with things or ideas to write about, projects to look forward to and pictures to take.  Brene spoke once about her friends husband who was frustrated with his wife because every night she came home from work and would retreat to their garage to make candles.  The wife had started a small business on Etsy and sold something like eight candles a year.  Brene counseled him to not squash her candle making because there in lies the key to happiness and joy.  It was her way of being creative.  I've tried writing about being a working mom and transitioning to being at home and I just can't yet, some of the wounds are too raw and I'm not far enough past my trial to fully embrace the vulnerability, something Brene would council against.  But what I do know is that if your feeling some type of unhappiness in your life, the best thing you can do is force yourself into creativity.  Whatever that might look like, even if it's making candles in your garage, writing a blog that no one in particular reads, or taking pictures.  My mom loves to sew and is a great example of carving out creative time. It will be then that you find out your contribution to the world.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Pantry - Before & After...

One of the things I completely under estimated when buying a fixer upper was closet painting.  When we moved in I had this mindset that I wasn't going to put anything in a closet unless it was painted.  Well let me tell you, painting closets suck.  Luckily, a couple of months after we moved in my entire family came to help and a lot of my closets got painted.  My brother Nick also made me this pantry, which I will say, it a game changer! 

That green wall on the right wasn't even a real wall.  It was like a random piece of sheet-rock someone had thrown in there so Nick had to start by building that wall and then did this. 
I eventually put the microwave in there because we are seriously lacking in counter top space. This is my go to spot for every thing, so thank goodness I have a good brother. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

July & August...

4th of July, went to see the big American Flag with Papa and the Cornaby's, the pictures don't do it's size justice.  

 Apparently this is the best family photo we can get.  
 Caldwell loves to paint, so I bought some of these $1 things at the craft store and we paint when Mason is sleeping.  It worries me though because Caldwell always wants me to "fix it" so it's perfect and I end up painting a lot of it.  Sometimes he won't even try.  Any tips on getting your kid to just try?
 Sunday morning walks through the cemetery.  We have 1:00 church we so try and let dad sleep in and get the wiggles out.  Usually Caldwell runs through the sprinklers and is soaked by the time we get home. 
 Our anticipation for Baby Lucy (Nancy's) was unreal.  This was Mason and her meeting for the first time.  
 Got together with High School friends Nicole and Kate - we are missing two of Nicole's kids in the photo.  Can't believe we have some many between us.  It was so fun getting together and surmising about all the things going on in life. 

Watched this on Netflix for the second time.  Let me just warn you it's got some infidelity and might be too naughty for some, but I think I connected with Brooke Shields character so much because she went from having an intense job to being home and I just really liked it.  

My mom has like eight grandsons under the age seven or something like that.  We have these big roping's on Sunday night and they are all roping each other or playing bucking bull and it's all a bit much, but so fun for Caldwell.  
 Fiesta Days Parade

 I caught Caldwell hidden in the closet with Mason, just as he was about to cut Mason's hair.  Luckily he had wet it down first so he couldn't get the scissors to cut any.  What a stinker!

 Couldn't resist. 
 Every year they have cheap Halloween costumes at Costco in July and I forget to buy them and then when we need to get a costume they are out.  I knew better this year and just bought one.  Spider man it is!
 I thought it was cute Mason went and took Cald his bottle.  

 My nephews friend from High School, who I also student taught just got drafted to the Miami Dolphins.  I don't think you understand the extent of the amount of football my husband watches, so I decided I better just start getting into this stuff.  I'm looking forward to watching him play this season.  I mean that is if there isn't a good Hallmark movie on. 

 I made this triple chocolate trifle recipe while my brother in law was in town from Connecticut.  They were pretty good and super easy.  The recipe is here.   

 While Matt was in town we took them to ride horses.  Chris has all the pictures of everyone riding on his phone, but here is Mason with Papa.  Mason is game for anything, he even ran around the arena with me on a horse and was laughing his head off, while Caldwell on the other hand is my timid one and screamed the entire time.  
 We finally got a family car, my mom status has really increased the last couple months.  Driving this thing has seriously given me an entire new identity.  It has a DVD player and Caldwell is obsessed with this show about the ABC's and in the last week I just drive around with the ABC's playing and think about what I've become.  ha ha 
 Thought they looked cute for church, except this is as good as it's gonna get for pictures.