Sunday, January 31, 2016


Saturday night we got pizza and watched Big Hero 6 with Caldwell.  A moment to remember as I sat on the couch thinking of the many movie nights to come with my family.  My days pass too quickly and because pregnancy puts me into some type of exhausted depression, I want to be better at capturing these moments.  Here's some great things to remember about our month. 

Earlier this month Chris took a day off work to oversee some plumbers who were fixing some of our numerous plumbing issues in our new (old) house. (Seriously, it's been bad. I even puked at one point just talking about how our sewer line backed up.)  C got to stay with Dad and they sent me photo's at work.  Marriage sure does change over time in so many good ways. I think the number one reason I fell in love with Chris is because he was so fun, and hilarious.  He still keeps me laughing, but watching him be a dad is way better than when he makes me laugh hysterically. 

When we bought a house we also bought a cat.  The people who sold us the house left it behind (who does that?)  Chis is allergic and the neighbor said it was good a hunting the mice that come in from the field behind our house, so we had to keep it.  Our neighbor is actually so happy about this cat he feeds it and takes care of it, but it lives at our house.  It's a bit wild, but for some reason it loves C.  My favorite thing is when they walk around and C uses the tail as his steering wheel.  Keep waiting for the thing to attack him.  

C is nothing but trouble these days.  Like this time he dumped out all the spices in the pantry or the baby powder all over the couch.  This last week we got plastic handles for our door knobs so he can't escape and get into things he's not supposed to, yet somehow he still does.  

This Tuesday we are excited to find out what we are having and to know if Caldwell will have a little  brother or sister.  Chris really wants a boy and I'm leaning that way just because we have everything and buying all new girl clothes, etc seems overwhelming (I'm a really horrible and lazy pregnant person) but for some reason I have this feeling it's a girl.  Either way we will be thrilled, and the planner inside of me can start working on that room.  When C was born we were living in Provo in a house with two small rooms.  The extra room stored all our stuff and we were poor so C didn't have a crib.  We just threw the pack and play in with the boxes and he did just fine.  This time I'm really looking forward to nesting and being more prepared than last time.  

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pregnant with #2

Here's the deal.  I am the 5th child in my family, by the time it got to me all was forgotten.  We've spent years teasing my mom that I have no baby book, nor any pictures of me because well there was five of us.  I get it now.  When I was pregnant with Caldwell I recorded each week in my personal journal, each ache, pain and thought I had was properly recorded each Sunday.  Now I'm just so tired from chasing around C at church that I sleep all afternoon.  This is my attempt at a record.

We found out we were expecting our second child in October.  Quite frankly I find it physically impossible the timing of this child, but hey timing is everything, right?  Anyway, one day my sister Nancy came up and helped me texture my living room in our new fixer upper house.  More on that later, I guess.  Well Nancy basically did everything and texturing isn't really hard.  By the time she left I was tired I wanted to die. In wasn't very many days later that Chris was around and we were able to take a test and find out. I love the above photo because it looks like Caldwell know's what is going on, but really his nose if just running we had good timing, again. 

The truth is this pregnancy has been a lot harder that Caldwell's.  I've thrown up a lot more but it's not just that.  Every time I've taken a pre-natal vitamin I've thrown it up.  I'm now taking Flintstones chew-ables like a toddler because my stomach just can't handle it.  I think the fatigue is what gets me the most.  With Caldwell I could come home and lay on the couch all night and it didn't matter because it was just Chris and I.  Now I have C to worry about, make dinner for, etc.  It's just been harder.  

The last big thing that's been unique to this pregnancy and not to C's in the headaches.  I've never been someone who suffered migraines or headaches in general.  However, this time I've had two that were debilitating - like call into work sick and hold up under the covers for a day.  Knock on wood, I haven't had one for about a month.  

The truth is I'm just thrilled about pregnancy this time.  I had no idea what to expect the first time around.  This time there's a realization that this isn't a process we go through thousands of times in life.  I'm doing my best to enjoy each kick and look forward with anticipation instead of fear to the hospital experience. Because the truth is when they hand you that little baby your whole world shifts in a magical way and despite the terrible hardships that come with it, I can't wait for the shift again.  

Monday, January 25, 2016

Caldwell Talks...

Caldwell hit the terrible two's the second December 2nd came.  I've been trying my best not to wish this phase away, but seriously if the kid could just tell me what the heck he wants.  This past weekend we've seen some progress, only slightly, but progress is progress and his sweet sentences deserve to be recorded somewhere. 

Chris and Caldwell were running through the house Sunday night. Chris got tired and sat down on the couch.  Caldwell looked at him and said, "Chris.Run.Now!"

I hurt my back.  Friday night I rolled off the couch and dramatically hit the floor joking with Chris.  Caldwell ran over, "you okay?"

My mother in law text me today and said while Caldwell was watching Curious George there was a mom and a hippo on the screen.  Caldwell said, "they happy!"

Caldwell tends to pee through his diaper at night.  I went to get him out of bed this morning and he tells me, "cute Christmas ja-ma's are wet."  (I always tell him he looks cute in his Christmas pajamas, because he does.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bates Family Motto - Inspired by Tom Cruise

Last night Chris and I got a babysitter (shocking) and went to the $5 Tuesday movie – Mission Impossible 3.  His choice, not mine because about a month ago he made me watch the first one on Netflix and I fell asleep, unimpressed.  So I guess I was surprised on how much I liked the movie last night. 

My favorite part of the movie was at the end when Rebecca Ferguson (I had to google her name, I don’t remember her name in the movie) gave Tom three options as they sat in a train terminal.  The first two options involved schemes to fight the bad guy that would most likely end up bad for Tom or the girl; however, the third option was to run away with her.  She had a valid argument, “we can be whoever we want to be, we can do whatever we want to do!”  That line hit me and I sat in my movie chair thinking, I haven’t felt that way in a really long time.  Then I began rooting for Tom, “choose that option Tom!  You can do anything Tom, take option three!” The words were literally screaming in my head and I was seriously pissed when he chose to continue to fight the bad guys and eventually win for the greater good.  This isn’t a spoiler; we all knew Tom would live in the end before we even went to the movie.  

I’ve thought about this feeling all night and on my drive to work this morning.  Growing up my parents did a really good job making us believe we could do or be anything we wanted?  Now that I have Caldwell I’m sort of in awe at how well they accomplished this.  They’ve created independence in each of us, an independence that I think I forgot about a little bit until last night.  I always tell Chris that I want to have a motto for our family.  I used to tell Chris our motto was, “Bates get up early and get shit done!”  Mostly because Chris hates getting up early and I thought my motto might urge him out of his Saturday morning comma.  I’ve lost that battle, and today I think I’m done fighting it.  The new family motto is, “The Bates Family can be whoever they want to be, and do whatever they want to do!”

P.S. It’s funny that I’ve this huge revelation during a Tom Cruise movie because in real life isn’t his brain basically being controlled by scientology.  Strange parallel don’t you think.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ignorance Isn't Bliss....

Today I went to a lunch meeting, the meeting was for a professional women's group.  An organization I sit on the board of, and an association I really enjoy.  The meeting today was on story telling and the ability to tell your story effectively in business.  At the end the speaker allowed for question and answer.  A middle aged women sitting across from me said, "what happens when your telling someone your story and their eyes glaze over, and it's obvious that person doesn't care about you or your story?"  I loved this question so much, and I expressed that from across the table.  The speakers answer was, "the person who is ignoring your story, has probably been ignored so much they reverberate those feelings back onto you ."  That struck me so hard.  I recalled speaking to the same women who asked the question when she came in, she had been telling me something about antiques but now as I recall back on her story, I can't remember it.  I wasn't focused and I'm sitting here with a sinking feeling that perhaps my eyes were the one's that glazed over.

Each day with my work I'm constantly ignored.  Don't feel bad, it's part of the industry and I'm well aware of what I do and it's effects on who I am, but today it stuck.  Maybe I'm getting ignored so much that I'm starting to ignore others.  A thought that made me re-evaluate who I am, what I'm doing, and the person I truly want to become.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

7 ways to cope with being a working mom...

This post has sat uncompleted for awhile now.  I think because I don't really cope with being a working mom very well, but here is 7 things that do help me out on occasion.

1.  Buy frozen/canned vegetables - These take nearly half the time to cook than fresh. My kid loves fruit, and I regularly have fresh fruit in the fridge but you can't give a kid with four teeth a raw carrot, so get yourself some frozen crap for the freezer to make you feel less guilty about re-heating the Kraft Mac & Cheese from the night before.

2.  Stop doing things you hate - I hate putting zip up pajamas on a toddler you just greased down with lotion.  I thought babies had to be lotion-ed after the bath, they don't, C's skin has managed just fine and I enjoy the 10 extra minutes I'm not fighting with my toddler before bed.  Don't do something just because you think you're supposed to.

3.  Allow screen time  - Everything in moderation, I know.  But the minute C would sit and watch Thomas the Train while I showered was the minute I figured I could do this whole mommy gig.

4.  Get outside after work  - I used to give myself a half hour to lay on the couch after work every day, soak up a little Ellen.  I stopped, one because I found it annoying when my own mom used to do that. (I'm not judging you mom, I totally get it.) But I realized if I don't just change my clothes and go straight outside my half hour might turn into an hour and I just don't have that time to waste.

5.  Don't put your baby in bed with you for any reason what so ever  - Treat this like bible my friends because trying to break your toddlers habit of rubbing his tiny little rump up next to your head night after night is about the hardest thing I've ever done.

6.  Stop drinking caffeine - I just killed about 15 little mom hearts and I'm sorry but it's true.  I don't stand to be the opitemy of good heath.  I eat truck loads of sugar and I'm over weight, but caffeine messes with your sleeping and when you have a baby you don't need to add any other sleep element to the mix.  Once I stopped caffeine my world changed.

7. Say family prayer - it makes you feel like your doing something right when your kid screams out "Amen" in sacrament, especially when you feel like your missing so much being at work all day.