Thursday, June 30, 2011

24 Things About Me- Mostly Because I Couldn't Think of a 25th......

1. Most people know me as Rose. My dad calls me Rosie....but Rose when he is mad.
2. If I watch TV it's usually the Disney Channel.
3. I have a brother who at one point got into "ghost hunting." Enough said.
4. The majority of the events in my life relate back to a "Friends" episode.
5. I spent a number of years looking for a proper Garden Gnome, when I found him last summer I named him Jeniff Eden.
6. One time I kissed a Mexican with 3 teeth to get out of drinking alcohol. Hows that for keeping the word of wisdom?
7.  I've never tasted coffee.  Not because it's against my religion, mostly because I think the smell is repulsive.
8. In third grade I wrote on my birthday invitations, "You don't have to bring a present but if you do-please don't bring a Barbie."
9. I hate marshmallows with my whole heart, there is just something about that foaming action that makes me sick.....and yes those stupid yellow and pink chickens on Easter are marshmallows.
10. My favorite horse was named Lucky. Every time you got on or off him, he ran backwards. One time I let an old man ride my horse. I don't remember how many laps Lucky drug that old man but I still feed bad to this day.
11. If you don't like Harry Potter....I think you're stupid.
12. In my mind Little Debbie is fat.
13. I'm 99% sure my dad killed the neighbors peacock because it kept pooping on his truck.  He says it just disappeared.
14. Three favorite foods- salsa, shrimp and peanut butter cups.
15. I like the smell when you take a saddle off a sweaty horse.
16. I once wrecked my car three times in one day, one of those wrecks involved a very mean, now dead, pheasant.
17. Marie Osmond is not Donny's wife....don't worry I asked him.
18. One time I told my blind date, "You held the priesthood when I was born, can you take me home?"
19. Last summer I didn't go to church because I was watching the first season of 24
20. I have all the names and addresses of the people who didn't leave me a tip over the years at Pizza Factory. One day I will write them a letter on how to properly calculate gratuity.
21. I think the Good News minute in Relief Society was inspired by God for sure. Mad props to all those people who know how to get married AND pregnant.
22. My favorite show is Family Feud. I will beat anyone at anytime at Fast Money.
23. My worst pet peeve is when people wear hair ties that don't match their outfits.
24. When I have a bad day I think of Christmas.

Words I Hate.......

I've been joked on for awhile about my "words I hate" issue -for lack of a better word.  Here is the list but I'm sure I've forgotten a few.  Feel free to leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.

Bunny Rabbit