Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Conundrum.....

If your feet smell and your nose is running. 
...You might be upside down.
P.S. I've always wanted to use the word conundrum. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Yeah....

Happy 24th from Sisterville's Tot

Another Temple Post....

 Chris and I don't spend the majority of our time walking around temple grounds, I promise.  It's a rare occasion and one I value. Chris' only sister works in downtown Salt Lake.  It's also a rare occasion he or I get to see her, so we ran up late Saturday night for a quick dinner.  It was late and I was tired and quite frankly I wasn't wanting to stop. I'm thankful Chris urged me on.  I can't recall seeing the temple much at night.  Actually I can but it's usually at Christmas and I'm too busy freezing me butt off to enjoy it.

During our stroll this picture came to mind.  I found it later online by typing in Salt Lake Temple into Google.  Perhaps it's the 24th celebrations.  Perhaps its was the peace and quiet from our walk.  But I felt an overwhelming gratitude for the pioneers who crossed the plains.  I struggle to understand what it's like to sacrifice everything for the construction of a temple.


P.S. I think he is handsome. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looking Glass....

I bought this gold beauty off an 80 year old man for $10. Then purchased myself a $3 can of primer and a $3 can of blue spray paint. Wallah! 
I had originally wanted to make it white but decided to add color.  When I got it all primed I kept second guessing myself.

I'm real happster about how it turned out.

P.S. I titled this post looking glass because I had intentions of using the word looking glass instead of mirror throughout the whole post. While writing the word looking glass I was going to pretend I was wearing a petticoat and sitting in a carriage in the olden days.  Turns out I didn't even get to use the word once. I hope you all feel as bad as I do.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

827 Temple View Drive.....

Ever since living in NY I've made it a bigger priority to try and see the different temples when I travel.  Chris served his mission in Vegas so I enjoyed listening to him explain the routine for new missionaries.  When new missionaries arrived the mission president drove them down the strip immediately.  Then told them to never come back their whole mission.  Their next stop was the temple grounds.  Such close proximity but absolute different feelings.  
 Chris was 10 when the temple was dedicated.  I was three.  Fun fact- Chris is seven years older than me.   

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Old Stompin Grounds.....

I spent a year or so working for a Scrapbook company.  At the time I remember the job and life being difficult. As I reflect is was such a great growing process and I felt like I really learned a lot about who I was during that phase.  I also found my road to graduate school.  I do however miss the industry.  I wasn't very crafty when I worked there.  Although I'd like to think of myself as that.  I guess when you're focused on something 40+ hours a week, it's not something you want to come home to.  As much as I don't follow the industry anymore I did remember that this week would be CHA Summer.  When I attended the summer session it was in Florida  I took a browse at the sneak peaks for the show.  I can't say that the majority of their styles has changed in such a short time.  I think my favorite line was Garden City. 

I don't do a ton of scrapbooking more craft projects.  Holiday doesn't always appeal to me.  However I loved they candy cane thickers. Oh and the buttons below caught my eye as something different. I love the glitter outline.

Monday, July 18, 2011


On the way home from Vegas we stopped in the town of Pioche to meet up with some friends that Chris knew from his mission.  It was nice to see that Chris the C to the ITY boy spent some time among them country folk. While he was reminiscing,  I liked pretending I was the wife of a miner named Bill and that we might head on down to the saloon for a drink er some whiskey.

Except everything was closed.  Oh and I don't have a husband named Bill, nor do I drink whiskey. However Chris did say that their mainstreet dates back to the 1860's.  At that time the town was  a stopping point for thieves, scoundrels and murderers.  Seventy seven people died here in gun fights before one would die of natural causes.  Interesting that once the mine closed they basically just walked away.  Didn't even bother to take the carts off the line.  You like how I used those technical mining terms such as carts and line. Yeah I thought you would. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

What the Platform Nine & Three Quarters.....

The truth is I am not prepared for this whole Harry Potter ending.  Perhaps I've been ignorant in thinking that if I don't do the whole movie marathon or re-read the 7th book, than it won't end.  Since I'm working in C-town my madre bought Tuachon tickets for tonight.  It's a harsh reality that the night Harry takes his final whack and Lord Voldy I will be under the sea with Ariel.  What the?

Hagrid -"You're a wizard Harry!"
Harry - "I'm a what?"

I need a Hagrid and half moon spectacles.
It's as simple as that. 

Well How About This....

I'm always in awe at the money spent in Vegas.  Each casino has their own distinct feel.  I imagine the army of people it must take to continually run efficiently.  Perhaps it's the most familiar but the gardens and floral in the Bellagio always catch my eye.  I'm sure I've walked past before but this time the hanging umbrellas caught my eye.  I'm a extra large fan of orange.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Gamble....

Get $1
Figure out how to put it in the machine.
 Ask Chris how to use the machine.
It takes money to make money!
 Cash in your $.30 voucher and run.
Take that Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas....

Chris and I packed our milk crates and headed on vaca last weekend.  When I say packed our milk cartons I meant Chris packed his milk carton.  I like dating Chris because he does crap like pack a milk carton instead of finding his duffel bag.
We mostly just wanted to see these tots and by we I mean me. My BF Lins and her husb and babies. I say babies because she's currently preg with number dos.
All I mostly have to say about this trip is that Vegas is hot and not in a striper sort of way but in a I want to lay in a bowl of ice naked sort of way. Maybe that is striper-ish but I mostly I just wanted to not feel like a cactus in the Sahara.
But then we rode the curvy escalator to Anthro and I forgot all about bowls of ice and deserts.
What a patient tot....let's be honest this picture isn't about him, it's all about that vase.
Had to put this awky mcawkard in here- thank you self timer for making us look married and preg.
Turns out Minnie Mouse is actually a man, who knew?  She, I mean he started saying a bunch of sleazy comments and makin me feel real weird inside.  I got my picture for my niece though. Sometimes you have to just take one for the team.

 Chris was more happy about seein this guy.  Everyone wanted a pic and it costs a dollar dollar bill y'all.  I have come to realize that even with my Masters Degree this guy will probably always make more than me. I'm trying to be fine with it.
If your main attraction is tiger- wake the dang things up. Enough said.

If I had fountains I'd be sure to make them dance like these one's.  I'd probably be fine with never seeing Vegas again if it weren't for these magical fountains and the homeless guy who was protecting the ducks that live in the dancing fountains.

We were real happster that's for sure.  I'd say this is all but it isn't-stayed tuned.