Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Temple Post....

 Chris and I don't spend the majority of our time walking around temple grounds, I promise.  It's a rare occasion and one I value. Chris' only sister works in downtown Salt Lake.  It's also a rare occasion he or I get to see her, so we ran up late Saturday night for a quick dinner.  It was late and I was tired and quite frankly I wasn't wanting to stop. I'm thankful Chris urged me on.  I can't recall seeing the temple much at night.  Actually I can but it's usually at Christmas and I'm too busy freezing me butt off to enjoy it.

During our stroll this picture came to mind.  I found it later online by typing in Salt Lake Temple into Google.  Perhaps it's the 24th celebrations.  Perhaps its was the peace and quiet from our walk.  But I felt an overwhelming gratitude for the pioneers who crossed the plains.  I struggle to understand what it's like to sacrifice everything for the construction of a temple.


P.S. I think he is handsome. 

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  1. PS I love that you think he is handsome! I am so happy for you!