Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Bureau Drawer.....

In the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever....

"They didn’t have a bed in the barn, so Mary and Joseph had to use whatever there was. What would you do it you had a new baby and no bed to put the baby in?” “We put Gladys in the bureau drawer.”

It feels like Christmas getting this done. I don't think Chrysalis will fit though, and that's the only baby I got.

Bam! Don't you love the knobs.
I totally love the knobs.
 I totally hate the word knobs.

P.S. Not sure if this exactly classifies as a bureau drawer.  In my mind - close enough.


  1. maybe my nieces and nephews call my mom grandma jan and i thought she commented on this and i laughed. anyway, that looks so GREAT. i want to resurrect a piece of furniture some day. maybe we can be friends in real life and you can try sushi while i try painting something.

  2. I love it!! That turned out awesome! Maybe you should refinish furniture for a living... you'd be awesome at it!