Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He comes with a lot of questions....

I wish I remembered how to be funny and write again.  But I don't. So instead let your nosy mcnoserson questions be answered.

- How long have you been dating? 
Since December.  Except I actually didn't like him for awhile...our first date wasn't very good. Don't worry he aware of this. Plus it was rather sparse the first couple months since we were three hours apart. I have known him for almost two years though.

-Where did you meet? 
 At an apartment complex in Provo when I worked for the scrapbook company. I thought he should come to church more so I made it a point to invite him.  We would always visit and chat at ward things.  Never once went on a date. I don't even know if we thought about it. I don't know how to put it less harshly...I just was not into him.

-Where is he from?
  Newport News, Virginia.  Right near the Chesapeake Bay!

-Where did he serve his mission? 
Last Vegas!

- What does he do? 
He works at Lowe's...Improving Home Improvement
....wait that's Home Depot. I actually don't know their catch phrase.  So yeah he works at Lowe's and goes to UVU studying Technology Management.

-Does he have a good sense of directions?
No but he thinks he does.

- Why does he have facial hair?
Because I think it's handsome.

- When was he taught by the missionaries?
In '98 when he and his brother moved to Provo.  He was quite the wild child before that. I sort of like that about him, since I've never done one wild thing in my life.

-When was the last time he had a Christmas tree?
Like five years a go. This blows my mind.

And the one you are all dying to know?
-How serious is it?
He reads Harry Potter with me because I like it. I go to the library with him on Saturdays to help him with his homework. I'd say that's pretty serious.  I wish I had more specifics but you know me. I'm never very good at that sort of stuff.  Mostly I just like being an us rather than a me.

So there you go. You're Welcome!


  1. Did you know I love you? AND I freaking love this post. How serious is it? Well he reads hp with me....

    DANG GIRL! This is serious! :) I Can't wait to meet him!

  2. This post makes me so happy. It's almost as if we made it to lunch. haha. I am glad things are going well. And you need to get him a christmas tree!!!

  3. Thank you for answering all the questions I have been wondering for a while..........