Sunday, August 7, 2011

So there I was....

 ...August 4th-camping. No really I was.  Here's the thing. Chris is always at work.  I like this about him but mostly I hate it because it's hard for him to get time off.  My family has had this four day camping trip planned for awhile.  So the plan was for me to go up the canyon with my family, while he worked. I was going to stay one night and then come back and hang out with his family/mom since she is in town from New Hampshire for the rest of the weekend.  A few hours before we left, Chris got off work. I guess his work was cutting hours and gave him the option to leave. In all my time dating him,this has never happened.  So there we were-camping.
We were doing lots of normal camping activities. Roping fake cows and playing checkers.  This is monumental because Chris kicked my trash and let's be honest I kick his trash at everything else. (He'll probably get me good for that.) So we documented it. Good job babe-you're good at checkers, really good. 

Meanwhile he keeps asking to sneak off to go on walks or go down to the lake.  This is really weird to me because (A)-it's like dark and (B)-we're not the sneak off and make out type.  Like we have actually never done that and I felt like he was acting like we were going to.  So finally I gave in.  We got in the car to head to the lake and my nieces wanted to come. I said-sure. Chris said - no.  So we drove down to the lake and walked around.  It was freezing.  I asked to leave.  So we got in the car and drove down further.  We found a little dam and walked across.  It was such a nice night really and I was actually enjoying this walk, less swamp, more stars.  Then he starts hugging me.  This is cool except I really wish I could tell you how un-like this we are.  I mean we hug, don't get me wrong. He just wasn't talking or anything.  So then all the sudden he gets down on one knee and popped the questions- Will you marry?  I totally thought he was joking, since he fake proposed to me at Brick Oven the other day.  I figured he couldn't have anything planned since he hadn't planned on coming with us until ten second before we left.  But he did and it was dang good I tell you-dang good.  So I say- YES!! And yadda yadda, we are officially going to be...Mr. & Mrs Bates.  A few things to note.

- He hadn't planned on purposing and work really did magically let him off.  
-All night he was toting around large amount of allergy medicine in his pockets.  He really does have allergies but I guess he didn't want me to notice the ring box.
- He put on sweats over his shorts when we got to camp - he was really worried I might see the ring box.

After we drove back to camp and got to tell everyone all at once.  This was really special because everyone could be there and I didn't have to choose who to call.  We also got awhile to be together and be engaged before telling everyone and posting it on Facebook and doing all that nonsense. The parentals and sisterville knew it was coming like a freight train but I think everyone else was generally surprised.  I mean they had to be because I was. In the end it turned out perf a lerf. It's funny when people say- when it's right, its right.  Because I've always been real skeptical, but that's a whole different post entirely.  There's a lot on my mind.  Turns out if you didn't think about planning your wedding in all your 24 years, it comes back to bite you in the butt-hard. One more thang we're getting married in the Manti Temple on December 29th.  Be there or be square!

P.S. If I would have known he was going to purpose I probs would have worn makeup.  Okay I for sure would have worn makeup.


  1. You never need to wear make up! You always look seriously gorgeous!!!! I am so so so excited for you guys and I love this story!!! I will be there because I am not a square...JK I wont come unless I am invited!

    BUT SO SO SO Happy! I cant wait for you to get it all planned out!! :)

  2. Congratulations Danielle!!! I am SOOOO happy for you!!!!

  3. Love the story. So excited for you guys.

  4. I'm so EXCITED for you!!!!!!!!!!! congrats to you and Chris. love ya both -katieG