Thursday, August 11, 2011

So this is what it feels like.....

I've never been that great at change.  Okay I'm horrible at it.  This summer has been one big drastic change. One day I want to write how Chris and I started dating and how we ended up together because (A)- It still blows my mind. And (B)-I've never been really good at the ooey gooey love stuff.  I know I shocked a few people with the announcement.  Shocked might be an understatement. I didn't really tell anybody we were headed in that direction even though we were headed there like a fat kid heads for cake.  Of course the parentals knew but even my sibs were not expecting it so soon.  But that's another story entirely.  Truth is, this week has been intense.  So despite the overwhelming feeling that often occurs when I finally stop to breath. I'm truly grateful for everything that's played out. Here's some good, cute, proof of our courtship.

The highlights of late include Chris mom coming into town from New Hampshire. Chris is an absolute mommas boy and she lives on the other side of the country so spending time with her is precious. Two days later we got engaged, and even though you know it's coming. It hits you hard, like real hard. Like-"Oh this will be my husband" hard.  (It's a good hard though.)  Since we've been engaged I've officially thought about not one wedding thing.  I guess I will have to start planning at it some point.  Chris turned 32 on Tuesday! I have been working a lot, which is awesome. I'm grateful for the extra hours.  We found a place to live.  Chris is moving in tomorrow and I will be joining him in December.  Funny that we hadn't found a place until today because he was going to have to stay with the parentals for a week and we all know that's is weird. Other than that I was offered an opportunity that gave Chris and I a wake up call.  We actually thought we might be moving to Cedar long term.  We decided against it but not before a lot of prayers and a few good ulcers. 

In case you didn't want to read all this the only real thing I have to say is- The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways!


  1. Guess what...I just realized when you came to my house FOREVER ago...that you talked about him! So I can be other proof of your courtship! LOL
    I seriously cant wait! I will help with wedding ideas! PS I hope I see you tomorrow! :)

  2. i love that you said you haven't thought of one wedding thing yet hahah i love you for that!