Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedding Shmedding....

For the next four months I will be three hours away from Chrysalis. Pronounced (Chrys-a-lis). Yup that's what I call em.  Just so you know the definition is like- mouth of a butterfly. I got worried because I thought it was some catholic religious symbol and I didn't want to go all offending people. So yeah. Chrysalis and I are real far a part for the next few months. Three hours away. Two and half if you don't tell your dad what time you leave and then just arrive.  Bam!  Chris and I have decided to be positive about being a part.  We have a lot to accomplish.  But last night talking over the phone just wasn't as good as the real deal.

However the last two days I managed to get my 62 page to do list, down to like one page. I am feeling like I can breath again.  I feel like I an tackle this masters degree, my two jobs and planning a wedding. Can't tackle my actual fiance though, because he's far away. 

So all I'm asking for is some suggestions.  Any cute wedding ideas you might want to notify me of.  Something you loved doing at your own wedding.  Websites I should look at.  Ideas or recommendations of people who actually know about weddings and think about them before they are engaged?  That would be awesome blossom!
I will thank you before hand.
Thank You!


  1. darn it. i just wrote the cutest message and it didnt go through. oh well. excited for you dear! I love that you are incorporating the sleigh. wish you could some how include my uncle's bear story. ha! lets chat more specifically about wedding soon. loved our catch up today. this new blog is now on my google reader so we are good to go.

  2. have you heard of I actually thought of you as soon as I got on the website because you are totally into pictures of homes and other stuff. but they have lots of wedding ideas too. I promise you want to check out this website. but BEWARE you will get addicted and it will take up more of your time!!!

  3. Okay...I loved everything about my wedding... except my photographer...She sucked. Literally. She was just super cheap so I decided to use her. Everyone that I talk to, one of the biggest complaints is the wedding photographer and they thought it was one thing to go cheap on.....Dont! Spend the money even though it sucks! So my advice, TOTALLY worth the money to get a good one!