Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Calm Chris Part 2....

You can start reading about how I decided to love Chris here. I will jump into where I left off.  Once I decided I liked Chris, maybe even loved. I for sure didn't want him to find out.  I knew he had tried to tell me a few times but I didn't want to face the awkward silence that might follow.  I still wasn't 100%.  One time we were watching a movie and he leaned over and said, "I....dig you". I was like what the heck. I think he was going to say love but chickened out  and inserted "dig". What a dork!

  The truth is one day it just happened and I think it shocked him more than it shocked me.  Chris likes to scare people, and by people I mean me.  He is always jumping out behind corners or hiding behind things.  I find this annoying but funny at the same time.  It's sort of like one of those sweet and sour suckers.  Bad analogy... moving on.   One day I was coming out of the bathroom.  Right when I grabbed the door handle to come out, he started pounding on the door.  Scared the crap out of me.  But not literally because remember I was just using the bathroom folks.  My immediate instinct was to start throwing punches.  So while I am punching he's laughing his butt off.  All the sudden he grabs me in a head lock and says, "Gosh, I love you."  We both just froze.  I just stood there and then I just said it back.  Pretty soon we were back to beating each other up.  Simple as that.  No candles, no pre-determined speech-just outside the bathroom while beating each other up. 

 I could write a Part 3 of our story but it all pretty much went down hill from there.  I guess once you love someone you just decide to marry them- no panick attacks or nothin.  So even though I've known him for almost two years none of this bathroom love started until June.  Pretty tricky huh.

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