Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Apologies in Advance...

  • The tallest human ever is standing next to my computer in the lab right now.  I hope he can't read this...
  • I think my feet stink. I'm not sure if it's mine but it could possibly be.
  • School this semester is way better than last year.  I'm appreciative of my two professors who eliminated tests.  My anxiety just lost 60 pounds.
  • America is overweight because they work all day and forget to eat and then eat at 8:30 in the car while driving to the library. Ok maybe that's not America just me.
  • I got asked on a date today and it wasn't by Chris.  Awkward. I would go through 4267 billion more awkward moments to reproduce the feeling of never having to go on another first date.
  • Oh and just because your twice removed, cousins, aunt lives in Salem, I probably don't know her. When you ask me again next Tuesday I still won't know her.
  • Chris keeps complaining that during the week he only gets "tired Danielle" because I don't ever have time to talk until late at night.  My solution has been to call him about 6 when I get up.  I believe he has officially stopped complaining.
  • I have "comma issues." Really I do.
  • Tallest man ever's butt is now on equal level as my head.  Please tell me you are imagining how tall he is right now.
  • Did Corey and Tapanga end up together?  Why is that the only thing that comes to mind when writing my Labor Relations paper.
  • If I get crop dusted by another international student smoking their cig outside the business building I'm going to go ballistic- literally like a missile. Maybe Katy Perry will write a song about it.
  • The only thing more awkward about being asked out when your engaged is tripping while waving to someone who you're not sure is in your "hello" range yet.
  • I dreamed two nights a go that my mom made me wear a cowboy hat to my wedding. Last night I dreamed I couldn't find a job and had to sale perfume at Dillard's.  I mean seriously my self conscience wouldn't even let me work at Nordstrom.
  • The fridge at Chris's house smells like an ash tray. I have cleaned that fridge no less that 764 times in my mind.
  • Sometimes when I imagine Satan I imagine Lord Voldemort.

I realize I shouldn't do blog posts when I'm this tired but "my give a damns busted"
Thank you Jo Dee Messina


  1. i imagine satan has lord voldemort too!

  2. FYI... corey and tapanga totally get married! you're brain can finally be at ease!!