Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Ranch Rodeo....

I would 100% happy if my brothers would give up team roping and just go to ranch rodeo's.  Ranch rodeo's have similar aspects of a regular rodeo but include more ranch style events. Such as doctoring cows, roping horses, and using a bigger loop.  But that's not really why I like it so much. I think I like it so much because awhile back my brothers got to where they don't miss.  So all those years I had to be roped and thrown around, its nice to see them reach beyond their abilities.  If you call winning it three times a in a row beyond their abilities. I really just like seeing them get pushed around a bit. However I will say- nothings going to beat the mud flop of 2010, where my brother wrestled a steer in the bottom of the arena just after a rain storm.  Classic!

But really the highlight of the night was that corn chopper and sisterville's tot could stand on the fence all by himself.  Can't believe how big he's getting!

1 comment :

  1. that was such a fun night! i really do believe i could enter that competition next year...big rope is mine for the taking! BAM!

    P.S. Little Jet is one cute kid!