Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1 Year Older & Wiser Too....

Warning- this post might make you jeal. I'm for real.  My future husb is a real cool guy and you might lay in bed wishing you had someone as great at him. 

I've been a little overwhelmed this semester.  Perhaps that's an understatement.  Chris is perfectly supportive and had taken on a lot this semester as well.  I decided before hand not to feel bad if he failed miserably for my birthday.  I was just looking forward to spending a day with him.  I had shopped for wedding dresses prior to meeting up with him and had planned on spending the  day looking for engagement gear.  P.S. Worst part of wedding planning = engagement gear. Anyway, fail miserably he did not.  However, by the look on my face you can tell I was nervous. I'm not really a heights person.

Turns out we only got in a baby fight when he decided to lift the bar holding us in....twice.  Other than that it was such a nice time visiting with him in person and enjoying the nice weather.  It's just what I needed to make it through the next three months. P.S. most of those pictures were taken by him since I didn't dare not cling for dear life.

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear but 2 big presents with 7 billion reindeer.  Christmas wrapping and no sacks with tissue paper- he knows me so well.  How many cups of fruit punch did I drink before this pic? For the record my tongue is not that freakishly red.

Don't you love that bag? I totally love that bag.  I can't stop looking at it.  It was also special that he thought to purchase my very own copy of Jesus the Christ.  We've talked about reading it together for awhile.  What a little trickster adding "Danielle Bates" to the cover.  Bates...I hadn't fully thought about the name change thing until this moment.

When we arrived home my niece Hallie had made me a brownie cake and rubber duckie cupcakes. It was really exciting because we had previously been to Olive Garden and they no longer carry my favorite dish - Big mistake Olive, big mistake.

P.S.  I got a wedding dress, our engagment gear and a perfect afternoon with Chrysalis. 
2011 Fall Semester- 7256
Danielle- 1

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  1. Not sure what I should be most jealous of...the trip, the purse of those rubber ducky cupcakes :)P>S Thanks for not answering your phone and making me sing your happy birthday to your answering machine...