Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BF's Forever....

Did you know now that I'm 25 MK, Ash & I are the same age.  Were only 4 months apart, which pretty much makes me their triplet.  How jeal bell are you?  I wouldn't say I was a Full House fanatic but I would say Sisterville was totally a fanatic. Even now we forget were Nancy and Danielle and sometimes were just like DJ and Michelle. Just last week she was totally yelling at me for being in her room when boys were calling on her personal line.

That being said I was a total fan-addict of their mystery movies.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Click here.  Please tell me your mom bought you all of them at K-mart on VHS too.  Wal-Mart wasn't even alive yet and K-mart trips were the bomb.com.

How many times did Sisterville try to do my hair like this?   4 billion.

I would seriously love if they made another mystery movie and released it on VHS. I'm not even joking.


  1. You ROCK Danielle! Thank you for making me feel better about being a fan!!! I think Full House is still probably one of my favorite shows! And I also loved the mystery movies! As you know they are the same age as me also:) And I totally thought of myself as Michelle and my sister as DJ! They have gotten such a bad rap lately it makes me feel better that someone else is still holding on to the good old Mary Kate & Ashley days!

  2. Full House was the best! It came on right at 5:00 and when you have to water the horses at 5:00 and watch your best show it really creates a PROBLEM! Judge all you want but sometimes I still watch it on ABC family!

  3. One more thing. . . If you had been born 4 months earlier and had a twin where would we be today. I'm just saying!

  4. your posts are seriously the funniest and i am way jeal belle! i laughed so good at the 4 billion tries hair picture. seriously every girl had to try it that many times so you are not alone. and thanks for the sweet comment the other day! i'm really glad someone thinks ryan and i are fun.