Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Easy Peasy Halloween Squeezy....

My goal for fall break was to do something that didn't involve public administration or wedding.  Look at me accomplishing goals.

Step 1: Take two glass somethings. I took these two vases because I already had them.
Step 2: Wrap them in baling twine. If your dad doesn't have a barn full of baling twine. I'm sure you could use yarn, or something equally twine like.
Step 3: Spray paint. I chose black because Hayden and I are planning a Halloween double date Friday night, but really any color would do.  Chris got me the spray paint at Lowe's. I think his coworkers are worried he might show up to work spray painted one of these days. Note to self: take it easy on the spray paint projects.
Step 4: Remove baling twine or twine like substance.  I would probs recommend walking to the barn, even when you don't feel like it, to get more hay strings.  I think adding another layer would have been very Martha Stewart of me.
Step 5: Finish er' off, and off course light them on fire. I prefer there to be some element of flame in all of my crafting hoopla- but that's just me.
Stole the idea from here

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