Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween...

G-ma Donna had her annual Halloween party.  Chris and I didn't dress up. I wish we would have. I've just been far to overwhelmed this semester to come up with costumes as well. My mother parental  showed up looking like none other than -Paula Dean.  “Bein' rich is having leftovers. Good leftovers make yo' tongue fly outta yo' mouth and smack yo' brains out.”  
My dad scared the pants dress off our lil white version of princess and her frog. I was even a bit nervous.  Chris kept saying, "who is that?" The crazy thing is, he's got another thing coming if he thinks my dad gets into Halloween.  Father Christmas here we come!
Oh my lanta! Did you see this kids costume? Look at Hedwig, seriously look!
You would think HP won me over, and that he did.  Until I saw this guy. Baby Jhet

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