Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This post puts the tack in tacky...

I've hesitated writing such a post.  I'd hate to sound picky and in reality I don't consider myself such.  Three or four times a day I get asked what Chris and I could use for our future home.  It's been difficult to answer and truthfully I haven't spent much time thinking about it.  As long as Chris is there, I think I will be just fine. Nevertheless,  my mom encouraged me to throw up a few things here to illustrate my style.

Living Room- We will have brown leather couches. Santa brought me these trunks last Christmas and they have been on my parents landing ever since.  I am excited to put them in our living room.  In my previous post you may have seen I painted our garage sale TV stand a similar red.

Bedroom- This is my Anthro bedspread.  It may be a bit girly for Chris.  However, since I saved up for it... I'm making him use it.  We have off white furniture, which I think will complement the bedding nicely.  As far as having a bed and a bedspread, we have nothing else.  I do know we need a mattress pad, sheets, lamp, and a tie hanger. Chris is notorious for scattering ties everywhere. Please bless a tie hanger will help him control his fixation for leaving ties wherever he takes them off.

Kitchen - I don't have any specifics. I know we have a blender and a griddle thing.  I love bright colors. We lack in the kitchen area.  We could use anything that people use when they use a kitchen.  Since I rarely use a kitchen, I don't know what those things are.

Bathroom- We have nothing, literally, Chris forgets to buy toilet paper about half the time.  I know Chris has some mismatched towels and I have bright pink polka dot shower curtain from my freshman year.  I'm hoping to make things more neutral with brown and tans for Chris since my stuff tends to take over.

Hopefully that gives family and friends far away and sense of my style. When I asked Chris the other day what he wanted for our wedding he said - tools and oil changes.  There you have it.

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