Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've become one of those people and I don't mind a bit...

I couldn't resist posting more from our engagement session with Abbey at AK Studio & Design. Many of the photo's were taken on SUU campus. I was hesitant about a college campus at first.  However, SUU has been such a large part of our courtship. I doubt we would have ended up together if it weren't for my schooling.  I also know we will never take up permanent residence hear so these pictures hold more than just wedding memories.

Despite all I've posted I've saved a few special one's for the wedding day. One month from today I'll officially be a Bates. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family Shamily...

One of the reasons Chris and I got engaged so quickly was so he could be in the family picture scheduled in August.  When Chris and I were dating I was hesitant in letting people know my feelings.  With our distance and my schooling I wasn't sure everything could fall into place, and then when it did I didn't do a good job telling people.  My mom didn't like the idea of having an out dated family picture right off the bat.  Then again, how weird would it be if we both showed up to family pictures knowing we would be married, but without a ring.  That's something that happens on like Maury. The truth is, I've never seen anything fall into place like it has.  So many little things I never thought could or would happen.  I'm still blown away I'm marrying a city boy, seven years older than me, but he fits in nicely don't ya think?

P.S. I realize every picture I post lately has me in my black cardigan and gray shirt. For the record I have more than one black cardigan and that gray shirt is my fav, so get off my back.

Bridal Shower...

I was surprised by my little brain, when I realized how nervous I was about my bridal shower.  My general feelings on bridal showers are they are a pain in the rear. I usually have a hard time finding time in my Saturday's to attend, but then when I leave, I'm usually very glad I went. I hope others felt that way when they left.  I was truly grateful for all the people who showed up.  Getting married is fun, but it's also really stressful. I felt like my shower gave a fun aspect to all the craziness happening in my life lately.
All the gifts were so thoughtful. My mom had spent hours hand stitching and quilting.  It was neat to see her projects come to life. 
Chris and I had practiced and practiced for the traditional bubble gum game. He tricked me by answering a few of questions wrong.  For example, the following question was asked to Chris - What does your family call you?  His response - Chris, short of Christopher.  Are you kidding me?  Why was that his answer? I was racking my brain for a childhood nickname.
I was also grateful Julia could drive down from Salt Lake.  She represented Chris's family well.
There were numerous others- friends and family who made the time to come.  My little brain is so happy to have so many people who love me.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Did you know I can never spell that word. I always think it's one "O" like shot, which is clearly not the plural form.  I just made this post grammatical. Shoot!  Let's be glad I used that form, and not the form my father parental would use.

Chris had never shot a shotgun, or is that a shootgun? Who knows!

Monday, November 21, 2011

If a boy looks at you like this...

I do believe it's appropriate to marry him. 
P.S. Look at my awkward face. My mom was right there. I'm sure she doesn't think we kiss. Chris handles awkward so well. I think that's also why it's appropriate we marry.  Who else could have handled that face with such class, by class I mean sexy-ness. (I really hate that word.)

Photo's from AK Studio & Design

Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Post is for Megan...

I meant to post this 400 years a go, but it was on my madre's camera and I couldn't get the picture off.  We had a little Institute Council reunion at Paradise Bakery.  It was so nice to see these ladies since it feels like 427 years since we all hung out.  We had a good times chatting about long lost people, half of which I forgot existed.  It was such a nice time.  So there you go Megs. - (Can I call you that?)

P.S. I'm actually really happy about how this picture turned out since I forgot to wash my hair for 15 days before this.

P.S.S. Actual lengths of time are not used in this post.

Friday, November 18, 2011

How Cute Are We?...

Thanks Abbey at Ak Studio & Design for allowing this engagement-ness to happen.
There's so many more.  I won't post them all now. Plus you might think my husb is so cute that you want to leave yours and steal mine, and I can't be responsible for that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Thoughts on Being Engaged...

- I miss Chris all the time. I would never recommend living three hours apart when your engaged. We both decided not to complain about our distance.  This is me not complaining.

- Living apart has taught me a lot about Chris and myself. We have had our bad weeks and our good weeks.  I'm grateful that after Thursday we will only have two more full weeks apart.

-Mormon's often recommend a short engagement because of temptation to do things outside the bonds of marriage. Perhaps it's our distance, but I don't believe we've encountered many of these types of temptations.  I've felt Satan in other aspects.

- I wish I had more time to plan to go through the temple for the first time. My regular scripture study has been interrupted by frequent phone calls before bed.  I will be glad when we can study together.

- I often fall asleep on the phone at night when Chris is telling me about his day.  The next morning it takes me ten minutes to find my phone in the covers.  Chris is never bugged by this. However, I am ticked when he doesn't answer for the simplest reason.  I have a lot to learn.

- Our biggest fight this semester has been over his car rims.  It was the worst. I hate car rims.

- I wish I didn't worry about money.  Chris and I have been blessed countless times this semester through paying our tithing.  I'm blown away with gratitude.  My parents have been so helpful, I'm still in shock by the cost of a wedding.

- I'm so thankful I decided to come to Cedar and finish my Masters.  I've really enjoyed school this semester. I haven't let myself think about leaving because I know I am going to miss SUU a lot.

- I hope I don't regret not looking at more wedding dresses.  Again because of the distance -I chose the first one I tried on.

- My bridals are Thursday and I still don't know how to do my hair. I've always wanted extensions, but that's not happening.  I lay in bed at night hoping it looks okay.

- I am 100% stressed about finding a job.  I really want to find something in higher education.  I have exactly zero time to look for jobs.  Keep me in mind if you hear of anything.

- Chris and I spend our Saturday nights watching movies.  We usually fall asleep, and laugh, and get Sonic drinks.  Saturday's are my favorite days.

- Chris has taken on full-time work and nine school credits.  He is at the library until I'm available to talk every night.  I'm so impressed with his commitment to school this semester.

- The Cedar City Youth Council has taken so much of my time and thoughts.  I really hope the program survives my move.  It will be sad to say good bye to my youthins.

- My engagement photographs gave me a self-conscious panic attack.  I really hated how I looked in some of them.  I really loved some of them too. Why would anyone want to be a model?

-I don't mind addressing envelopes.  I chose to personally write the names on the envelopes so I knew who was coming.  Perhaps this is why I don't have time to look for a job.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#19 Read Someone's Biography....

Remember my 25 things while I'm 25 list. You can click back here to remember.  Well I I just finished an Autobiography and I'm counting it.  My decision to read a book like this, steamed from the fact that I never finish them.  Perhaps it's too much like reading for school, but if I ever read for enjoyment I like pure fiction. I was hoping this challenge would help me develop a love for a different genre.
As far as the actual book. I really enjoyed it.  I didn't have any feelings toward Miller before starting.  Perhaps that's why I enjoyed it.  However, I've never received so many comments.  Since trying to finish during a grueling semester I often read in between classes, at work, or waiting for meetings.  I got countless comments from spectators  - why would you read about him?  - I don't really like Miller.  Again I don't know much about him, other then what I found on these pages. On that note, I do think I was more impressed with his wife than Miller himself.  The thing I do know is, if I ever write a book when I'm dead (you get what I mean) and in those pages people find that I contribute all my success to my activity in the church, than I will consider my life well lived. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let the Holiday Wrapping Begin...

I have a tendency to get overly excited about the holidays.
I blame this on my father parental.
Chris surprised me with a wrapped, pre-holiday gift.
I note wrapped because I also have a tendency to freak when things are wrapped.  
P.S. How many times did I just use a form of wrap in this post?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sisterville's Birth...

It's Sisterville's birthday today. I decided to write some more facts about her because (A)- She's super funny and (B)- I want to.

1. Sisterville loves Christmas.  We have been scheming for months about Christmas projects. We can't even wait. I'm almost positive she's watched Miracle on 34th street at least 4 times by now.

2.  I talk to Sisterville on the phone at least once a day.  Sometimes I talk to her more than Chris.  Anyone who knows how much I talk to Chris might be surprised by this.

3. Sisterville is a super great mom. She is always doing extra stuff with her kids, and never getting mad. She also doesn't get mad at me when I get mad at her kids.

4. Sisterville text me this last week. "I told Jake to put his hat and gloves in his room. He threw them in the toilet."  Keep in mind her Jakey is one year old. Seriously?

5. Sisterville bottles everything; raspberries, sweet and sour sauce, peaches, apples, chicken, potatoes, jam, pickles, green beans, black beans, etc.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some -she is a domestic genius.  Lots of days I pull her couch into her kitchen and we chat while she cooks stuff.

6.  She has pretty hair.  My whole life I've wanted my hair to be the same consistency as hers. 

7.  When we were little we never slept apart.  I think we got our own rooms when I was in 3rd grade, but I don't remember us sleeping in separate beds until she moved away to college.

8. Sisterville can be bossy.  For instance, she won't turn off the light when we are both in bed.  She also won't get herself a drink of water if we are watching TV. 

9.  Sisterville calls me Rose.

10.  Sisterville's name is Nancy.  She doesn't have a middle name.  When we were little she used to think he name was Nancy Brent Hanks. What a dork!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sure wish I had taxidermy skills like Chuck Testa!

Danielle's family is really into dead things on the walls, but do any of them have taxidermy skills?
Nope - just Chuck Testa!

Monday, November 7, 2011

This was fun, almost as fun as setting the fire alarm off at ugly pageant...

On Friday night Whitney and Jenny, my BF's got a room in Salt Lake and we had a girls night before I get married.  It took me five hours to drive there because of stupid I-15. I am usually very sweet about orange cones, since I use them myself  quite regularly, but Friday was just ridiculous.  Anyway, we just visited.  No really that is all we did, and it was perfect.  I have been nervous about a few things.  I liked hearing their marriage advice.  It wasn't just the ol' -don't go to bed mad kinda stuff.  It was actual real things I could see Chris and I dealing with. Not that we won't ever go to bed or be mad for that matter.  You get the point.
Why did walk about six blocks to PF Chang's? Oh because it was a nice night. When we got out of dinner it was a very cold, sideways blizzard, walk back to our hotel. 
We woke up to more sideways blizzards, even though this picture doesn't show the snow falling.  I really like snow in November and December.  Not really any other months.

 Note to self- remember to hang out with friends more often.