Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#19 Read Someone's Biography....

Remember my 25 things while I'm 25 list. You can click back here to remember.  Well I I just finished an Autobiography and I'm counting it.  My decision to read a book like this, steamed from the fact that I never finish them.  Perhaps it's too much like reading for school, but if I ever read for enjoyment I like pure fiction. I was hoping this challenge would help me develop a love for a different genre.
As far as the actual book. I really enjoyed it.  I didn't have any feelings toward Miller before starting.  Perhaps that's why I enjoyed it.  However, I've never received so many comments.  Since trying to finish during a grueling semester I often read in between classes, at work, or waiting for meetings.  I got countless comments from spectators  - why would you read about him?  - I don't really like Miller.  Again I don't know much about him, other then what I found on these pages. On that note, I do think I was more impressed with his wife than Miller himself.  The thing I do know is, if I ever write a book when I'm dead (you get what I mean) and in those pages people find that I contribute all my success to my activity in the church, than I will consider my life well lived. 

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