Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bridal Shower...

I was surprised by my little brain, when I realized how nervous I was about my bridal shower.  My general feelings on bridal showers are they are a pain in the rear. I usually have a hard time finding time in my Saturday's to attend, but then when I leave, I'm usually very glad I went. I hope others felt that way when they left.  I was truly grateful for all the people who showed up.  Getting married is fun, but it's also really stressful. I felt like my shower gave a fun aspect to all the craziness happening in my life lately.
All the gifts were so thoughtful. My mom had spent hours hand stitching and quilting.  It was neat to see her projects come to life. 
Chris and I had practiced and practiced for the traditional bubble gum game. He tricked me by answering a few of questions wrong.  For example, the following question was asked to Chris - What does your family call you?  His response - Chris, short of Christopher.  Are you kidding me?  Why was that his answer? I was racking my brain for a childhood nickname.
I was also grateful Julia could drive down from Salt Lake.  She represented Chris's family well.
There were numerous others- friends and family who made the time to come.  My little brain is so happy to have so many people who love me.

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