Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family Shamily...

One of the reasons Chris and I got engaged so quickly was so he could be in the family picture scheduled in August.  When Chris and I were dating I was hesitant in letting people know my feelings.  With our distance and my schooling I wasn't sure everything could fall into place, and then when it did I didn't do a good job telling people.  My mom didn't like the idea of having an out dated family picture right off the bat.  Then again, how weird would it be if we both showed up to family pictures knowing we would be married, but without a ring.  That's something that happens on like Maury. The truth is, I've never seen anything fall into place like it has.  So many little things I never thought could or would happen.  I'm still blown away I'm marrying a city boy, seven years older than me, but he fits in nicely don't ya think?

P.S. I realize every picture I post lately has me in my black cardigan and gray shirt. For the record I have more than one black cardigan and that gray shirt is my fav, so get off my back.


  1. just catching up on your cute blog, i love all your photos & especially your engagement ones! i'm so happy for you and all the good stuff going on in your life. also i am a little saddened that apparently you no longer read my blog b/c i'm not on your blogroll but whatever. guess our office friendship meant more to me than it did to you ;)

  2. We can't wait to meet your cute family! Chris looks like he does fit in.

  3. wow lyds. seriously?
    Great family pic! So excited for your upcoming adventure. You will be done with school soon enough. Congrats girl. Love you!