Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Thoughts on Being Engaged...

- I miss Chris all the time. I would never recommend living three hours apart when your engaged. We both decided not to complain about our distance.  This is me not complaining.

- Living apart has taught me a lot about Chris and myself. We have had our bad weeks and our good weeks.  I'm grateful that after Thursday we will only have two more full weeks apart.

-Mormon's often recommend a short engagement because of temptation to do things outside the bonds of marriage. Perhaps it's our distance, but I don't believe we've encountered many of these types of temptations.  I've felt Satan in other aspects.

- I wish I had more time to plan to go through the temple for the first time. My regular scripture study has been interrupted by frequent phone calls before bed.  I will be glad when we can study together.

- I often fall asleep on the phone at night when Chris is telling me about his day.  The next morning it takes me ten minutes to find my phone in the covers.  Chris is never bugged by this. However, I am ticked when he doesn't answer for the simplest reason.  I have a lot to learn.

- Our biggest fight this semester has been over his car rims.  It was the worst. I hate car rims.

- I wish I didn't worry about money.  Chris and I have been blessed countless times this semester through paying our tithing.  I'm blown away with gratitude.  My parents have been so helpful, I'm still in shock by the cost of a wedding.

- I'm so thankful I decided to come to Cedar and finish my Masters.  I've really enjoyed school this semester. I haven't let myself think about leaving because I know I am going to miss SUU a lot.

- I hope I don't regret not looking at more wedding dresses.  Again because of the distance -I chose the first one I tried on.

- My bridals are Thursday and I still don't know how to do my hair. I've always wanted extensions, but that's not happening.  I lay in bed at night hoping it looks okay.

- I am 100% stressed about finding a job.  I really want to find something in higher education.  I have exactly zero time to look for jobs.  Keep me in mind if you hear of anything.

- Chris and I spend our Saturday nights watching movies.  We usually fall asleep, and laugh, and get Sonic drinks.  Saturday's are my favorite days.

- Chris has taken on full-time work and nine school credits.  He is at the library until I'm available to talk every night.  I'm so impressed with his commitment to school this semester.

- The Cedar City Youth Council has taken so much of my time and thoughts.  I really hope the program survives my move.  It will be sad to say good bye to my youthins.

- My engagement photographs gave me a self-conscious panic attack.  I really hated how I looked in some of them.  I really loved some of them too. Why would anyone want to be a model?

-I don't mind addressing envelopes.  I chose to personally write the names on the envelopes so I knew who was coming.  Perhaps this is why I don't have time to look for a job.


  1. first i need to say i liked this and i read every word. second i feel sad you haven't posted anything of our great afternoon together! third i still love you though. fourth i need to know that i'm getting one of these invitations. unless you don't want me to, then just disregard this comment.

  2. Oh Meg! Can I start calling you that? Ha ha! I will post about our encounter. Remember how I said that was my moms camera, ya the picture is up north on that camera. Also I will forsure be sending you an invite. I already filled one out for you!!! Can't wait! Lunch was so fun too. Thanks for coming all that way for me!

  3. Hey I do hair these days so if you're still struggling to know what to do for the big day just let me know!