Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sisterville's Birth...

It's Sisterville's birthday today. I decided to write some more facts about her because (A)- She's super funny and (B)- I want to.

1. Sisterville loves Christmas.  We have been scheming for months about Christmas projects. We can't even wait. I'm almost positive she's watched Miracle on 34th street at least 4 times by now.

2.  I talk to Sisterville on the phone at least once a day.  Sometimes I talk to her more than Chris.  Anyone who knows how much I talk to Chris might be surprised by this.

3. Sisterville is a super great mom. She is always doing extra stuff with her kids, and never getting mad. She also doesn't get mad at me when I get mad at her kids.

4. Sisterville text me this last week. "I told Jake to put his hat and gloves in his room. He threw them in the toilet."  Keep in mind her Jakey is one year old. Seriously?

5. Sisterville bottles everything; raspberries, sweet and sour sauce, peaches, apples, chicken, potatoes, jam, pickles, green beans, black beans, etc.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some -she is a domestic genius.  Lots of days I pull her couch into her kitchen and we chat while she cooks stuff.

6.  She has pretty hair.  My whole life I've wanted my hair to be the same consistency as hers. 

7.  When we were little we never slept apart.  I think we got our own rooms when I was in 3rd grade, but I don't remember us sleeping in separate beds until she moved away to college.

8. Sisterville can be bossy.  For instance, she won't turn off the light when we are both in bed.  She also won't get herself a drink of water if we are watching TV. 

9.  Sisterville calls me Rose.

10.  Sisterville's name is Nancy.  She doesn't have a middle name.  When we were little she used to think he name was Nancy Brent Hanks. What a dork!

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