Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Post is for Megan...

I meant to post this 400 years a go, but it was on my madre's camera and I couldn't get the picture off.  We had a little Institute Council reunion at Paradise Bakery.  It was so nice to see these ladies since it feels like 427 years since we all hung out.  We had a good times chatting about long lost people, half of which I forgot existed.  It was such a nice time.  So there you go Megs. - (Can I call you that?)

P.S. I'm actually really happy about how this picture turned out since I forgot to wash my hair for 15 days before this.

P.S.S. Actual lengths of time are not used in this post.


  1. haha i'm so happy this finally happened! what is that one piece of string hair doin on my face? anyway. so happy this picture happened and this reunion. 427 years apart is suuuuuch a long time! and yes you can call me megs always. and yes. i liked your engagement pictures you were just bein so nice looking in them! and always.

  2. ha ha great post great picture. Hope it's not another 427 years... but it might be :( Sooo good to see you . Come to the w/h sale again, but when I'm working and I won't be a creep like W. :)