Monday, November 7, 2011

This was fun, almost as fun as setting the fire alarm off at ugly pageant...

On Friday night Whitney and Jenny, my BF's got a room in Salt Lake and we had a girls night before I get married.  It took me five hours to drive there because of stupid I-15. I am usually very sweet about orange cones, since I use them myself  quite regularly, but Friday was just ridiculous.  Anyway, we just visited.  No really that is all we did, and it was perfect.  I have been nervous about a few things.  I liked hearing their marriage advice.  It wasn't just the ol' -don't go to bed mad kinda stuff.  It was actual real things I could see Chris and I dealing with. Not that we won't ever go to bed or be mad for that matter.  You get the point.
Why did walk about six blocks to PF Chang's? Oh because it was a nice night. When we got out of dinner it was a very cold, sideways blizzard, walk back to our hotel. 
We woke up to more sideways blizzards, even though this picture doesn't show the snow falling.  I really like snow in November and December.  Not really any other months.

 Note to self- remember to hang out with friends more often.

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  1. I kinda forgot about the whole fire alarm thing! Haha! Hope you girls had fun! PS Did I tell you I'm blog stalking you now? Yep, I am.