Thursday, December 22, 2011

#25 go snowboarding...

I'm checking off #25 off my 25 Things List.  When I listed snowboarding I imagined ski lifts, snow covered pines, and flakes of snow flying lightly through the air.  I imagined drinking hot coco by a big fireplace, getting warm from my first day in cute footie PJ'S next to Chris and talking about how I had missed my calling in life, and conjuring up fake plans of me joining the Olympic team.  Instead I went with Hayden near the parentals home.  We had a little lesson and then he said, "let 'er rip." I would prefer no one ever say that phrase in my presence again.

Falling every 10 seconds wasn't the hardest part.  The hardest part, was standing up again without the board flying down the mountain while your feet are still strapped in.  After approximately 62 times of Haydro having to pull me up.  We gave up and hit the sleds. I'm 412% happy about not spending two million dollars to try this for the first time.  However, I will for sure be trying again probably when I purchase me some fancy footie PJ's.  Really the important thing is- now I don't have to say I've lived in Utah my whole life and never been snowboarding.  Thank goodness!!!

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