Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Danielle's Favorite Things Epsisode 1 (also known as the only episode)...

 I've always loved Oprah's favorite things.  In recent years, I've managed to find great gift ideas on her show.  In honor of Oprah, or in honor of that fact that middle aged women are hopefully doing more productive things at 4PM everyday.  Here is my list of favorite things.

Estee Lauder Bronzer.  I recall when my mom purchased my first compact. Since I've loved the size and brush. It lasts forever, so don't be blown away by the price.


 The Harry Potter series.  I truly believe children all over the world love to read because of these.  Did you know I will never let my kids watch the movies until they have read them.

 I've loved my Canon camera.  Since mine was a gift, I didn't research quality or price.  Consequently, today I'd still choose a Canon.  It seems they have the edge on versatility.  Most blogs and classes seem to refer to their settings first.  Perhaps I'll change my mind later- I'm still new to it all. 

An adult sized quilt made from minky fabric.  My mom stitched mine over 2 years a go and it still resides on the corner of my bed. 

A sensible cowboy boot.  I see so many girls walking around campus in ridiculous boots.  Although these might not be a fashion trend they are warm, durable and comfy as all get out.  Buy yourself some boots, break them in and wear them for years to come. 
 Loreal leave in conditioner, is truly amazing. Since it's only sold at Beauty Supply locations some may cringe at the price.  Don't! A little goes a long way.  Although it's a leave in, I usually just use it on a regular basis, alternating with a cheaper conditioner.  It's extremely great for natural frizz.
I bought my first Vera Bradley in an Amish community, traveling in Indiana.  Since I've found their website and ordered.  I've gone through two wallets, and the weekender bag is great for quick trips home to Salem.  They are durable and clean up well if you accidentally spill Slurpee on them in the car.  Believe me I know.


  1. Some of my favorite things too! I want the website to the amish/vera bradley bags, please and thank you!

  2. Hi there. I should have linked it in the post. I'm horrible at that. It's just - I will go back and link it so you and others can just click away.