Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's not Christmas until we go sledding...

If we can all pile in, Father Christmas will drive to the top. Then it's one whole mile of pure sledding action to the bottom.
He left his original coat outside and the dog chewed up the zipper.  I'd prefer he wear his mom's mouse fur more often.
Despite living in Utah for like a billion years, Chris still doesn't own proper winter gear. His strap broke and he was loosing his drawers the whole time. This isn't actually funny, unless you saw how much snow went down his crack.
Other than that little tot up front not being able to stop at the bottom, which resulted into a face plant into the front tire of a Ford Expedition.  Oh and Hayden and Jade mooning us on their snowboards- I'd say it was the perfect Saturday
All photo's taken by this lady!

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