Sunday, December 11, 2011

Organisatie means Organization in Dutch...

I have an extra large tendency to organize the freak out of everything.  If used correctly, this can be a force for good.  Consequently, this weekend the parentals and other familia helped me move the majority of my belonging in with Chris.  Poor, poor boy spent a whole Saturday putting up with compartmentalization gone wild. The thing is, I've had quite a few roommates in my day.  After the prostitute and wrist slasher, I think Chris and I will be just fine.  However, even when I lived with roommates I spent a great deal of time organizing their belongings, but only in my head that is. As long as I could keep my stuff separate, than I felt Ok.  There is also a disclaimer with my organization.  This doesn't mean my bedroom is always clean.  Instead I often let it get dirty, just so I can organize it all again.  It's tedious, weird and rather annoying, but there's just something that makes the world feel good again when the edges are vacuumed and base boards are wiped?  Am I not correct?

Chris was such a sweet pea yesterday.  While my world was completely right, I'm pretty sure his feet felt like they had just been doused in bucket of Oklahoma ice, and we all know Oklahoma has those crazy ice storms that are nothing but nast.  Yuck! Not the type of ice storm I wanted to see just weeks before our wedding.  The point of this post- ok I'm getting there.  Chris was a trooper. Literally carrying, ducking and diving over everything I wanted moved and cleaned.  His snide comments and hilarious commentary kept me going, and when he would set down a pillow and not straighten it. I would look at him like women do when husbands do something really bad.  It's funny how fast that look comes to those in love.  His response to the look - I love you!  Please bless that continues to work throughout this whole marriage thing.  The good news is, the worst is over.  He will see, as all my roommates did, that my organization freak gene dies out over the life of an apartment.  Also for his sake, let's all pray I find a great job that lets me use my organization forces for good.  I have plans to find a job the uses this ability of mine to make mass dividends. Then, I'll rush home at night only having enough energy to give my sweet husband hugs and kisses, and then once again, all will be right with the world- just like vacuumed edges and clean base boards. 

P.S. Chris says his feet weren't cold, and that steady assurance is always what makes mine feel nice and toasty.

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  1. Oh goodness, I was so jealous reading this post. I wish so badly that I thrived on organization. To my husband's dismay, I am the opposite.