Friday, January 13, 2012

#11 Eat Sushi...

I put eat sushi on my 25 Things list because cool people eat sushi, and I'll I care about in life is being cool.  Also because Chris talks about Sushi Monster 17 times a week, and I felt like it might be a good idea if I support my husband in his ambitions to be cool.  Therefore, we attended the Sushi Monster with Chris's mom and sister and well umm....
I guess I thought it was Ok.  If I had to choose between this and Hamburger Helper I'd probably help myself to the hamburger.  Especially since Chris told me to eat that little white fluff supposedly called Ginger, which you might make the same mistake I did and think your husband just washed your mouth out with soap.
 Is it ironic to anyone else that Yoshimasa makes the glass case that houses the Sushi.  If I had to name someone to who made Sushi cases I would name them Yoshi Masa- Oh and hey that's what were naming our second child.  Right after Billy. 
For the record I didn't officially hate seaweed salad.  Except that I still can't wait to find out if the seaweed at the beach tastes the same.  If so I will probs just save the money and eat soap and beach seaweed at home. 


  1. A. Ginger is disgusting and B. you ate sushi with the wrong person so next time go with me and you will like it. Promise!!

  2. Mmm too bad I love sushi and ginger! Where is that place? Never knew it existed when I lived there

  3. That's what Chris said - you just need to go with someone who knows what to order. ha ha!! Maybe we can all do lunch again when you two haven't fled the state. P.S. The place is in Salt Lake which actually makes me secretly happy so I don't have to go again soon.