Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bates Motel...

Now that things are put away, it's starting to feel less like somewhere I'm staying for a bit and more like home. Have I told anyone how nice it is living with a boy?  First off, I've always wanted a refrigerator with only one gallon of milk, and I love that all the food in the cupboards are free game. No ridiculous sharpie's labeling whose is whose or certain cupboards that are off limits.
Until we get our wedding pictures back it's full of engagements.  Can't wait to fill more frames with family and close friends.
The owls were a gift from my Youth Council tots. I told them once how ridiculous the owl kick was but I somehow find myself drawn to them.  I hardly ever purchase, so it was the perfect gift.
My sister made the shelf.  It's perfect for holding wedding treasurers.  The white walls seem to make it look more plain in these pictures.  I don't mind though, I've never been one for clutter. 
 Our apartment has ample storage, but it's nice to have special collectibles in the trunks.  I'm hoping for a scrapbook kick since all the photo's are at easy access.
 Our room isn't much to look at, but I have high hopes for it.  First by finding another spot for my map. 

"Funny thing about home.  It looks the same, smells the same, and things taste the same.  Then you wonder what's changed and you realize it's yourself."
- Benjamin Button

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  1. DANIELLE! I love you, you married woman you! I am so so so so bajillion time so's sorry that I missed your wedding! Things have been so crazy..its not an excuse but I had to work that night! Anyway. I am pretty sure your presents are starting to clutter my house! JK! But really...can I see this in person? and Can I please come see you and make up for missing the two biggest things ever?!!?!?! Love you! SO excited. I love the white shelf on the wall! Its gorgeous!