Friday, January 13, 2012

Just in case you like sheep farms named after your husband...

I promised I'd show the sheep.  Check out these billy goats.  Turns out Chris and I kept missing the main road into Midway from our hotel.  Which, for those of you who have been to Midway, realize that's pretty amazing seeing as how there are only like two roads in the whole town. The result was numerous visits to these two furr balls.  The first being at night when we didn't realize where the goats lived.
A daylight detour showed us the quaint farm.
As we moved closer we saw "CB" which might only be funny if you just married a city boy, and happened upon a billy goat farm full of shaggy sheep with your new husbands initials all over them. We will most likely name our first born "Billy," but only because naming your kid "Goat" is just mean.
The goats were a good time, but imagine our surprise when we were window shopping on Park City Main and saw Conan O' Brian.  Chris is a late night fan- mostly because he stays up late. I can never stay awake.  I could see Conan but couldn't recall his name to alert Chris- just as Conan jumped in his SUV, Chris got a quick glimpse.  Turns out I was probs happier about the CB sheep farm, but it's always fun to be star struck.
This is all for honeymoon posts.  Hope you're as happy about that as I am.

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