Friday, January 27, 2012

Legislative Day...

When the city asked me to stay on for the month of January and help take my youthins to Local Officials Days at the capital I didn't even hesitate to say - yes!  Such a life changing couple days for me, hoping it impacted them the same way.
We took 20 kids.  Through study and debate we performed a mock committee meeting in front of 250 other teenagers from throughout the state.  I learned as much as they did.
 Difficult to say good bye, but easier as I know they will all go separate ways in just a few months- fun to discuss college and future life changes.  Kathlene (below) has become a great friend.  Sweet memories of eating pie on Sunday afternoons at her home.
Keynote speaker - Liz Murray.  I still haven't wrapped my mind around all her comments.  Such an amazing story.  More to post on that later.
 Fancy lunch- we were all forks, but definitely on our best behavior.
 Twinner hair - but more impressed with her ability to look outside herself.  
LOD is a government funded day for kids to spend some time learning about the civic duties.  Listening to speakers, touring the capitol and basically teaching high schoolers how to impact the world for the better.  Not a doubt in my mind that this group will.

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