Sunday, January 15, 2012

Utah Lake...

It was time to get out of the house when the sun went down last night.  We rode to the lake and played like little kids.  Chris said, "I used to do stuff like this when I was little, we just did it in sewers.  No joke!"  I'm teaching him about the country and how to bush whack and play on huge ice burgs that might kill you if you fall. Except that I know nothing about huge ice burgs - so Chris freaked out the farther and farther I climbed. It was funny - he hated it.
Good news- we still really like each other.


  1. I guess I have to comment every five seconds! I'm obsesses with these pictures! You And those ice burgs look great together!

  2. Be adventurous,but careful... it was just last week a young man fell through ice and was lost. You are precious to so many people, especially Chris.

    PS... Glad you still like each other.

  3. Beautiful pics! I love that you keep up with your blogging so well being a newlywed!

  4. Wow thanks for liking my pics guys, and Jan I promise I was super careful.