Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Lei's...

We still have no wedding photo's. I love a tag on facebook or blogs of those who have attended.  This was stolen from Lins blog - she gave us quite the shout out.  With so much hype since, it's fun to remember the small acts of kindness of those in attendance.  For years the Iketau's have worked for my dad - I enjoy their stories of growing up in Tonga.  In honor of our day they shipped in fresh lei's from Hawaii.  Salote asked me prior if I'd want to wear them at the temple.  I agreed almost instantly - the lei traditionally stood as an offer of affection and symbolizes such feelings, it has now been popularized by tourism -yet still appropriate after making such covenants.


  1. beautiful bride! Love it! keep the pics coming baby. beautiful dress.

  2. Wow! What a happy couple!
    All my prayers are with you for a happy life together!