Friday, February 17, 2012

#1 Marry Chris...

I'm still waiting for my wedding photo's, but I just found this guy on facebook. I thought it would be the perfect photo to check off marrying Chris on my 25 Things List
I was a real freak about marriage- all worried and over thinking everything.  I wish I hadn't been.  I wish I just would have realized that when it comes, it comes with no stress.  I have a lot of older single friends.  I wish I could tell them just to enjoy the journey.  Enjoy the countless, messed up, awful, great, exciting dates/realtionships and one day it will just click. No matter how big of a freak worrier you are, it all just works out. Then all the sudden, your walking out of the temple- no questions asked, just knowing your really glad you didn't have to walk out with anyone else. 


  1. You were just glowing!!! Too bad all of my pictures from your wedding are ug because Bob took them and he isn't a photog. Glad you can mark off #1!

  2. I love this! Danielle! Why are you so great?! Ps Chris is pretty great himself :) miss you!!