Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Liz Murray...

I wrote in a previous post about the speaker at Legislative Day for my youth council.  Liz Murray -I'm yet to wrap my head around her message as it was truly inspiring. Her story starts with growing up in the Bronx, her parents active drug users.  Her story explains all the crap that happens when your on welfare checks and your parents are shooting up cocaine in the kitchen.  Through a series of life events, her mother eventually died of AIDS and Liz was left homeless in her teens.  After a few years, she went back to high school and finished- all the while sleeping on the Subway or in stairwells.  She later obtained a scholarship from the NY Times and found her way to Harvard.
It isn't just her story, but how she tells it.  So normal, humble and funny!  My kids were laughing and then crying two minutes later.  I left with a resolve to be more - be better.  The following is her memoir.  I can't put it down. 
Lifetime also thought she was cool and made a movie about her life.  I checked Lifetime's schedule and it's on February 12th at midnight.  I'm having the parentals DVR since we don't have cable.  Can't even wait to watch!


  1. Totally going to check this out. Also, you're my fav.

  2. What an amazing lady for you & your kids to meet.