Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toilet Paper, Wind Mills & My Nose...

I have basically been sick since we have been married.  It first started with the flu, then a rotten cold and now the occasional sore throat/sinus issue/cough/runny nose business.  Chris and I spend basically every moment we can together and he has yet to suffer any element.  What a lucky lil stink!  He, being the nice one in the relationship, comes to my every beck and call- late night runs for 7up and saltines and every night before bed he gets me ice for my throat and a stack of tissue. Then we watch an episode of Vampire Diaries and fall sleep.  This morning he left for work earlier than I. As I rolled over and asked if he could grab a me a tissue on his way back from the bathroom he so sweetly replied, "yeah babe one sec." He then proceeded to huck a full role of toilet paper at me head.

Lesson I already knew - my husband is not a morning person.
Lesson I Learned - stop asking for tissue.

P.S. I took this picture up Spanish Fork Canyon out the window of my car. For some reason it makes my nose feel better - like it's warm outside and my nose doesn't need tissues anymore.


  1. I should have warned you about that "morning thing". Julie probably has shared how lovely it was greeting her brother before school.

  2. taking great pictures out the window of a car makes the picture even better! basically because all the odds are against you that it is going to suck and be blurry but then when you capture one it is way more thrilling than when you get a good one standing still. sorry you are so sick!