Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ellen Degen's creep photo's...

Oh my good gracious.  Ellen Degeneres does a lil thing called on her site with hilarious/slightly revolting pictures.  I happen to find it out of this world entertaining.  This morning I found the "Bad Easter Photo's" link. 
 What a horribly scary bunny.  There's more where these came from here.  However, that link led to something a little better called "Bad Hair Photo's."
 Please tell me the zipper down the head isn't about the most awfully intriguing thing you've ever seen.
 Hello 80's. I actually thought it was my sister for a minute.  I mean the hair is so Jenny. But check out that shirt - no one does "just pulled off the shoulders" anymore - ain't it a shame.
All credit for these photo's go to Ellen.  I'm hoping right now you have already clicked on this link and Ellen is entertaining the heck out of ya.

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  1. I love her stuff!!! I get lost on there for hours at a time!!