Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As a right of passage my madre pulled these out when us girls became a women (hopefully you know what I mean and don't judge me for making you think about it). We got to stay home from school and watch the whole series. Which starts with a blonde, goes to a red head and ends with a brownie.  Go figure! My personal fav is Gidget Goes Hawaiian - red head!
 I would totally wear every single swimsuit Miss Gidg owns. 
 I'd probably wear every shirt Moondoggie owned too.  I've always wanted my very own Jeffrey Matthews.  In my mind he's never aged, but I don't recall seeing him in any other movies.
A few years a go I found out about the Sally Field series, and Gidget changed my life again.  This time I was actually a women and didn't get to stay home from school.  Clearly, it was important you were aware of that.
Sally really didn't do it for me in Mrs. Doubtfire, but I wish with every fiber of my being that I could be this version of Miss Sal.

Right now I'm going to put the link to Amazon so you can go buy these movies for cheapster and let them change your life.  Also, if your a mom and want to be good at your job, then you should let your daughters watch the series when they become real women!

Excuse me, now I have to go Google to find out if Moondoggie is still alive.
Hang Ten!

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  1. Love that Gidget! ps I have a real cousin named Gidget? weird! haha