Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I remember having to breakup with a particular boy three different times.  The last time, he told me life was like a GPS, and no matter how many wrong turns I decided to take, things would re-calculate and I would marry who I was supposed to.  His point at the time -I was making a wrong turn by not choosing him.  My point right now -  I'm so glad I took the detour.  No matter how much he words stung, or how bitterly he played off my emotions.  I realize now he was completely right.  Sometimes you wonder if your doing enough.  Sometimes you think your doing too much.  But my advice - enjoy the scenery. Before you know it, you will have reached your destination, and you'll have someone there to  help you re-set the GPS (or be sick on the coach). Either way it's perfect!
I love Chris!


  1. what's this about another guy? i thought i was your one and only...what the hell? all good, you still have to sign your name BATES! BAM! love you too Rose.

  2. Your words gave me hope this day. Thanks love. Also love the comment Christopher Bates.