Thursday, March 8, 2012


I really like my husband and I think he is really funny.  Since he's such a shy guy, his humor often goes unappreciated.  At night we lay in bed and laugh so hard, it's hard to fall asleep.  Therefore, I thought I'd spread his goodness through an interview; which I'm posting.  However, realize I'm going to continue to capture his humor.  I promise he's got better stuff - but here it goes anyway.

D:  What is your favorite animal? 
C:  My favorite animal? It would have to be the male lion - that doesn't make me gay. I just like the thing around it's head. Your not posting any of this shit, but man they're fierce.

D:  Why do you like YouTube so much?
C:   Because Charlie bit my finger. That video got me.  I've been hooked ever since.

D:  Why do you always forget to replace the toilet paper role when you use all our toilet paper?
C:  Did I just forget to do the paper roll in there?  I need my blanket - did you put it in the dryer?

D:  If you had to pick any celebrity to play you in a movie, who would it be?
C:  Brad Pitt. Duh.
D:  Do you want to add anymore to that?
C:  No

D:  What is your favorite thing about being married to me?
C:  You brought in a grilled cheese sandwhich maker, well you really brought everything, but I really like that.  JK JK - Umm, favorite thing?  I don't know Rose. I'm just thankful your someone ....Rose you can't ask that question.  Erase all of that right now. What the hell are you writing?

D:  What is your favorite joke?
C:  That's what she said jokes, or the one about the women with black eyes.  You're not going to want to post this.  Oh wait, what about the mating call joke (while he pulls up his shirt and starts slapping his belly) I don't think your family wants to read that though.
D:  Is my family the only people who read my blog?
C:  No, me and my mom read it.

D:  How many children do you want?
C:  As much as those hips can handle. 

D:  Where do you see yourself in five years?
C:  These are interview questions for like a job!  Who knows, wherever the Lord wants me.
D:  Thanks for adding me in there.
C:  Just add yourself in there or something.

D:  What is your favorite thing about yourself?
C:  I wasn't done with the last question... but definitely my sense of humor.  I'm  a pretty funny guy.  I'm probably funnier than Eddy Murphy and Dave Chappelle and Larry the Cable Guy put together on their best day.

D:  Who is your favorite person in my family?
C:   That's a tough one.  It's probably Landon, because all he wants to do is ride horses and I wish you would take me to ride some horses.  Baby! The Office is coming on...

And that's about where I lost him...

P.S.  I let Chris choose the picture to add.  He choose this one and said, "You look so cute in that picture, dark tan, cute smile and holdin my belly!"


  1. haha good freak I love Christopher Bates... He KILLS me and makes my life! Mostly I love you two together, because you both complete each other so very well :) Someday I hope to be as famous as Chris... because he is ALL over the internet via Daniel Things :) ... One day... one day I shall be famous enough to be famous via Daniel Things... :)

  2. So cute! I love him. So funny. I read your blog too and I'm not family. So nonsense about jut your family reading

  3. all's I have to say is....BAHAHAHAH! Christopher Bates you truly are hilarious. I hope you continue to interview him...or maybe he should just start a night time tv show. Or you could make your blog famous and make a new movie called Rose and Chris. Just sayin.

  4. Ha ha ha, Devin and I read this while driving (and by that I mean I read this to Devin while he was driving...we like keeping it safe.) Anyways, it made our drive a little less lame, thanks for the laughs.
    Ps. I was in Park City all day yesterday and kept thinking of you, keep us updated on the job and such :)