Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Job...

Park City! Sales assistant for a brokerage firm.  I'm working in finance - who knew?  We are so pleased with the offer.  I start in one week. There's been so much to do and see.  This photo is from a trip we made this weekend to Heber - where we will most likely be relocating.  Our first priority now is to get rid of our place in Spanish Fork.  So if you know of any renters, it's an absolutely amazing price and we have a pantry!  Seriously, the only thing I ever care about is pantries - which somehow just looks like the word panties when I type it - Sorry!
Wish us luck!
Chris: "Who wants to go ice fishing?"
Danielle: "Go figure."
Chris: "I think I want to become a professional ice fisherman.  Jk Jk I want to get me some blades -you guard your goal and I'll guard mine."
Danielle: "What?"


  1. Congrats on the new job! Especially getting to live in or close to Park City - one of my favorite places in Utah! That is a beautiful winter wonderland photo :)

  2. wow, that looks like a beautiful place (but cold!) congratulations!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment on our blog. have a great weekend!