Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shirts with elastic fur...

Lace around the bottom of T-shirt was such a good idea.  Except everyone forgot about washing machines, and those three pieces of elastic that form a roll like feature that somehow resembles elastic fur.  This feature has undoubtedly accentuated muffin tops across the globe.  So on this day, March 10, 2011 I officially tossed all my lace bottomed shirts with elastic fur.
You're Welcome
Also, I'm sorry if you look down and see lace around the bottom of your shirt.  Which in reality is probably in some sort of rolled up formation right now.  Don't hate me because I'm right.

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  1. First thing I'm doing when I get back to Cedar...throwing away all my elastic fur shirts. They've got way too many holes. Thanks for setting my head straight!