Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our extra room was very messy...

First it started like this.
Then turned into this.
Then I got motivation and bought a board and some paint for $8
I'm grateful this happened.
I'm also grateful Chris approved me moving all his crap.
My third grateful goes to the $8 bucks I spent. Thank you for being such a little amount.
Take that America!


  1. Chris is a lucky man

    One did Chris end up with the comfy chair?

  2. Chris is a lucky man

    One did Chris end up with the comfy chair?

  3. Danielle, I would appreciate it if you would come and organize my house since I suck at life when it comes to organization. Also, I was stalking your blog (as always) and noticed your sweet creepy tree picture. I would just like to let you know that I found a creepy tree (not as big as yours) that had two owls in it.. I thought of you and secretly wondered if they had just dropped off some mail to some wizard in Enterprise, since that's where I was. Have you ever been to Enterprise?? It wouldn't surprise me if there were some wizards out there...

    1. I have totally been to Enterprise!! CREEPY!!! Please keep stalking and commenting - I love it! I'm coming down to my gradution in May. Will you still be around or are you guys moving back home for summer?

  4. Um pretty sure I love you! You are so witty and so the funniest things...I wish I was more like you! I miss you tons! I still have your gift burning a hole in my floor!!! I need to make a trip to see you! Or you text me the next time you are down here! Love your blog! I read it all the time! Miss you Girlie! Um BTW We REALLY need to do a temple session together please!!

  5. Great transformation! I'm afraid to confess our extra room has turned to shambles and now there's not hope for it. It will just get packed up in boxes and moved across the country. But this does give me some inspiration for organizing when we arrive!