Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Reception....

Seeing the photo's brings back a flood full of memories in the short three months we've been married. I'd already forgotten so many of the details.  Excuse me if I overload in the next few posts. I'm extremely excited to finally get our photos from Abbey at AK Studio & Design.

Things I'd forgotten:

-I was so nervous to leave and then we forgot our camera and had to go back in the car.
-Our sweet niece Anna grinning from ear to ear evey time I looked at her.  Since it was our first time meeting, she thought I was a Princess.
-Cutting the Cake had completely escaped my thoughts until it happened.  I had never thought about that detail prior. If someone hadn't told me to do it, I probably wouldn't have.
- Not forgotten, but highly noted was my mom's hard work is sewing so many special keepsakes.  Things I'll cherish forever. (That should be a post in itself.)
- I don't recall seeing Hayden or Jade at all, but somehow they made every photo.  Love them!
-What a long day for our grandparents who were there supporting the entire time.
-How special an event in the building my dad did so much work on - overlooking his Christmas display on the pond.  Dad was so busy the entire day, I think so his emotions didn't take over.  My emotions take over thinking about him.
-The numerous family who traveled great distances to be with us. 
-Meeting Chris's family for the first time.  So many thoughts wrapped into one here.
- I wish I had one big picture of the numerous friends who attended the reception.  Obviously not together all at once, but their love and support - unforgettable

Gosh, shouldn't have started this list, now I can't stop. 
I love Chris!


  1. Our family loves you too. Your spirit lights up the room where ever you are.

    Everything was perfect. Your mom and dad took care of every detail. They must have thought about this day for many years.

  2. Everything looked so wonderful! What a beautiful wedding. You look very happy. congrats!!