Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shower Curtain...

One time I wanted a $120.00 shower curtain - which was actually last week.
I thought I got the go ahead the other day when Chris was surfing online and said, "We should buy a small house and fill it with dope things."

Apparently he didn't mean this house.
My bad.

Therefore I present a $20.00 shower curtain - ok maybe $27.99 but don't tell Chris that.
Excuse the wrinkles. I wanted to iron it but Chris said, "You're taking it a little too far."

If you would like to validate my shower curtain ironing please comment.


  1. I validate it. I ironed ours!! Tyson took over when I "missed a spot." Am I embarrassed that my husband is a better ironer than me? Yep. Pretty sure "ironer" is not a word.

  2. Ditto. If you prefer it without a crease, you should have it "creaseless".


  3. I would like to see the end result in ironing the shower curtain! Where did you get such a cute one?!