Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Temple...

Here are family candids of the temple, with a few of my thoughts looking back.
Thank heavens I look normal. I was sure my eyes would be puffy, everytime I looked at Chris in the temple I started to cry.  I recall a feeling of relief sweep over me as we walked out -graditude that I wasn't walking out with anyone but him.  .
I don't see Alyse a lot, but she's been my longest friend. Junior High memories flood back.  Her support did not go un-noticed - friends forever.
I'm sorry but how cute is my grandma?
We've been un-seperable since High School and gone through first loves, heartbreak, missions, funerals, preganies and weddings together.  Who can say all six of your best friends can sit together worthily in the temple.  I owe much of my goodness, my testimony, and many of my happy memories to these girls.
Chris friend John and his family came clear from St. George.
My two favorite pictures from the whole entire day!!!
Chris's parents deserve their own shout out.  How special it was to meet his dad, and spend time prior to the wedding with his mom.  They coped with logistics and travel without complaint.  I wish we had more time to visit and get to know each other. I look forward  to more memories spent on the east coast.
All photo's by Abbey at AK Studio & Design


  1. U look amazing!!! I love your hair. It's incredible. U are so beautiful. What a good looking pair.

  2. your hair and I love all the captions you added to your photos. So glad that you finally got them back. One thing...sorrry I look like death in those pictures. Remember how my baby never slept and while we were visiting family over Christmas break. :) Besides the focus is entirely on you as it should be and not on your half dead looking friend :)

  3. Sometimes I have to look at your wedding pictures a million times because I love them so much. I am so glad that I could be there on your big day!!! And I too love your hair. Someone needs to teach me how to braid. Hope new job/house/husb/life is going well!!!