Friday, May 11, 2012

Gimp 2.8 Blog Design...

I have a nervous doodling habit.  I am constantly writing on something - especially in church.  It drives Chris crazy, but it helps me focus.  One time Chris was on the phone with Virginia friends and I wrote "We Are Bates" on a sheet of paper like 200 times in different forms, and that's not the first time. Chris took this envelope I doodled on and told me he was going to re-design my blog.
I wasn't really a fan. 
So I re-wrote my doodle on a scrapbook piece of paper.  He used Gimp 2.8 and Bam! - new blog header!
Have you ever used Gimp?  It's a free software that has similar functions of photoshop - the husbo loves it.  Doesn't it make us look like we are so hipster - because all hipsters know how to use computers and make cool designs. Duh!  If your definition of hipster is not computer skills than please disregard my last comment.

P.S. If your on google reader and can't see the header than this will not make any sense and I suggest checking it out!! Check, check, check it out!

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