Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lions, Tigers & BEARS...Oh my!

My brother's latest adventure is to try and kill a bear with bow an arrow.  This is probably the most entertaining adventure they've been on, since one has already been pretty close to being eaten.  Everyday after work I call or text to see the latest status.  Then I just decided I better go and take my city slicker husband for a little hill billy excitement.
Chris loved it and I'm so glad.  His response, "Rose take a picture of me and Sugar (pronounced Shugger') on top of this mountain." 
Since we were on horses there was really no hope of seeing any bears.  We mostly just went to check the status of a few of my brother's setups.  If the off chance we did see a bear, I knew I could ride better than Chris so he's the only one I had to outrun. JK - kinda.
I have a thing for old dead trees.  I told myself not to post anymore but the truth is I really like them. So I'll dead tree this blog as I see fit. 
I'm glad Chris likes the outdoors too and I'm pretty sure he's looking into "Hunting Safety" which in fact is called "Hunter Safety" but I'll take what I can get.  Don't even doubt that in the next few years I could see my very own husb on his very own bear hunt.
P.S. My brothers have a legal tag and all the jazz.  They're very safe and very responsible especially when I'm in toe - all the crazy stuff happens when I'm not around because their real protective. That is all.

Actually that isn't all because I'm counting this as #16 on My Quarter Century List . Cool beans!

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  1. Too funny! I busted up laughing when you said you could out ride Chris... Poor guy! haha Looks like fun! I really wish we lived closer so we could play... we have very simular lives! haha